In october most of my horse-paintings and drawings are in Sky Valet Lisboa, Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, Hangar 6, Apron 700, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal. Because it is in a aeroport it is only for private view. For more information please click here.

Planes are fascinating for me. My vather was a pilot of the military. I think that is the reason why I love planes!

Exhibition catalogue

The painting of the hunting scene is finished now. There was a long time and a lot of work because I don't copy the photo I get inspired from it. So the faces of the peoble are not copied I paint them as I feel them. This painting is available as original or print.

Jagdszene, Ölbild, Leinwand, Zeitgenösisch, Gemälde, Kunst, Abdelghafar, Luethi


Two of the paintings of the Monument Valley I have finished, you can see it here on this link. The third one and the hunting scene with the horses I will finish soon.

In 2019 I plan an exhibition in Switzerland for my friends here, as soon as I have the date I will inform you. It is not far from my place where I live.


Here is the latest painting I finished in april 2016, two tiger fighting, oilpainting on velvet.

Oilpainting on canvas from two tigers fighting

At the moment I am working on three paintings from the Monument Valley and one with a hunting scene with horses. I will inform you as soon as the paintings are finished.


I am listed in the Art in America Annual Guide 2015 on the page of the most important artists, galeries and museums in the world.

Art in America Annual Guide

Art is also investment. Here you can see how much the prices of my paintings will develop till 2020, rated through USIA Co. KG.

Honourable mention


Little inspiring Video from Show-Flipper on Youtube


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