My favourite technique is to paint with oil colour. The painting will be built by different coats.
First I paint the background and I create the construction of the painting and then I work on the details.
This gives the painting a three-dimensional touch.

In 2006 I began to paint on velvet.
This is a very difficult and intensiv technique and it takes a lot of time to work the oil colour into the velvet.
I have to work really exact because the velvet is "living" with its hairs.
Sometimes I d'ont paint the background so you will see the character of the velvet.
It should not be only a painting but a special painting on velvet.
I use also different colours ov velvet and the result is really special.

I draw with pencil, coloured pencil, water colour and charcoal.
Sometimes I use a combination of it and I can get the strokes stronger.

If you wish, I can advise you, which technique is the best when you want me to paint or draw a subject for you.