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Claudia Lüthi aliases Abdelghafar

At the beginning of my art career I just began to paint with oil and was not really thinking of how to do it. But there was a good result.
After I while I heared about making and exact drawing of the painting on the canvas. I tried it but every time I did it I got stucked.
So I stopped doing it and just began to paint directly on the canvas. I had to correct also things after a while and I while not
paint an exact copy of a photo but I want to catch the character of the animal or the athmosphere of the landscape and
bring it on to the canvas. You will also realise that there is a threedimensional effect when you pass the painting. For example
you will think that the horse look at you all the time when you pass the canvas.

Here you can see the latest painting I did in 2018. It is a landscape from the Monument Valley, size 50x70 cm, can you see the little snake on the left side?

Monument valley